| 2020: The year the blog died. |

Oh hi there. Hmm, it’s quiet around here. Wait, actually it’s SILENT around here. Where’d all the pretty faces go?!?!?

The SJP blog was one of the many casualties of the “year that must not be named” … the truth is when March 2020 hit I had months and months of blog content outlined and on the schedule. Like really look….

But then, like all of you, our world stopped. We kept our kids home, I rescheduled sessions out a couple weeks, and we waited. And then, even when the wheels started to slowly turn again MONTHS later and I went back to the studio it felt like a cog in the blog wheel was missing. I just couldn’t get the machine rolling again here. As I sat down with plenty of time on my hands to schedule out the posts as planned, to finish up and fill in the content I had right at my fingertips, I just didn’t have the words…. should I show up chipper and positive when we were all feeling sad and run down? I surely didn’t want to add to the bummer vibes we felt as we saw more and more things canceling around us. So I just stayed silent.

This was a space I couldn’t get my creative juices to flow back into so I just stopped completely. I didn’t try to phone it in just to fill the space. Instead I guess I sort of needed the silence… The big gaping 1 YEAR silence. I needed the permission to take a deep sigh and just NOT do it.

But as we are now officially one year later. I’m here. I’m taking a deep breath as the hint of spring sunshine beings to feed my soul and I’m ready to come back to the blog. I’m ready in so many ways to show you the beauty I was surrounded with this year, because it was here. I’m ready to shower love on the clients who showed up for me in a year that could have been SO much harder without them.

I’m thankful to have been able to see smiling faces when so many work mask to mask all day every day and it’s time those faces show up here again. Thank you for giving me the time for the silence here and I hope you’ll come along for the really epic journey that we are in store for in 2021 and beyond <foreshadowing hahaha>.

Here’s a look at just a bit of the beauty we found in 2020….

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