| The Avon Theater | Annual Staff Portrait | Decatur IL |

Does your business take annual staff photos? The practice of this has gotten less and less common in recent years but I love that Skip at the Avon still holds this tradition dear. He likes to celebrate their staff now, feature them every day on the walls of the theater AND think forward to what will be left behind if/when the theater is no longer there. This is their legacy, what could be pulled out of a storeroom 50 years from now and returned to a place of honor to pay homage to those who have graced the halls of this historic theater. I just love that mindset. That is why I do what I do. It’s about us now, to show love and support for those people that are most important to us but also to leave our legacy. This is why I love both digital and print images. Sure the digitals are here for the NOW, the sharing/showing with our friends and family from all around the world quickly and easily. But the prints…. those are for us for decades and centuries to come. Those are for the legacy boxes that end up in the hands of your grand children, or great grandchildren (I’m lucky enough to have my families legacy images).

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You may be capturing these images well for your family but this is important for your businesses as well. Do your employees feel celebrated and valued (I can help you do that in a variety of ways)? Are you capturing the history/growth/legacy of your business now? Our businesses are our babies too and I’m so excited to get to celebrate this one each and every year. Keep it up Avon, you guys are doing a wonderful job.

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