Sarah’s Favorite Things : Top 3 Pointless Podcasts

Welcome to a new series for the SJP blog. SFT (Sarah’s Favorite Things!)… and as a self-proclaimed podcast junkie I’m starting the series with my top three favorite ‘pointless’ podcasts.

What’s a pointless podcast you might ask? Well, there is a LOT of content out there to read, watch or listen to.The world is literally at your fingertips. Want to learn about things happening all over the planet… click click boom. Want to be more productive, a better parent, wife or business owner… click click boom.

But what about when you just want to not. To not learn, grow, focus? But also not sit in the silence… well that is when the pointless podcast comes to the rescue.

ONE – Pick number one is the insanely popular Armchair Expert by Dax Shepard and Monica Padman. Ryan and I have been avid Armchair listeners since day one and have never missed an episode. We even took a nice little day date trip when the podcast toured and came to Chicago.

This podcast is SUCH an easy listen!! The interesting guests include everyone from Bill Gates to Malcolm Gladwell and all the movie stars you can think up! But the real relatable conversations about real everyday situations/emotions/experiences and the deep dives into ‘expert’ subjects (and the new ‘conspiracy’ spin offs) are just the cherry on top.

And my favorite part has been that Ryan and I BOTH enjoy it so while we occasionally do have the chance to catch an episode together (usually on a road trip) we usually listen separately and then have ‘talking points’ to chat about later. Sounds crazy but OMG having something other than the kids or the logistics of our lives to talk about has been seriously amazing.


TWO – Pick number two is another HUGE podcast that I actually was not in on early but had the pleasure to binge binge binge when covid hit and I was alone with my thoughts (and work) for oh so many hours at the studio… My Favorite Murder.

The success of shows like Criminal Minds & CSI certainly can comfort all us ‘murderenos’ that it’s not so macabre to be listening/watching horrific murder stories all day long…. I mean, clearly we’re all doing it. But the icing on the cake with this podcast is not the telling of the murder stories but the down to earth chuckle-worthy duo telling the tales.

If you fall in love with this podcast too you’ll probably want to snag their book Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered.

Be warned the constant murdery subject matter may lead to random kitchen conversations with your husband including 1) how exactly you’d each murder each other 2) if your husband would try to cover up or tell the truth if he ACCIDENTALLY murdered you and 3) what kind of sentence you think he’d get if it really was an accident. #realtalkswithmyhusband


THREE – Ok, pick three is a littler harder. There are a LOT of podcasts in my Overcast subscribed lineup (see below). But to stay true to my most listened to line up I had to choose Science Rules by Bill Nye (that’s right guys, Bill Nye is back/here/never left).

Now, be warned you will probably learn something on this one so it’s not quite 100% mindless but with topics ranging from global warming (heavy) to neanderthal sex (hmm) and UFO sitings there’s something interesting around every corner. And it’s got all the flare (and corney sound effects) you’d expect from the scientist we’ve all loved since childhood – and in all honestly I was just pretty thrilled he was still around and still teaching #keeponkeepingonbill.


A few others in my rolodex include(d): Seral, Dr. Death, The Happiness Lab, Smartless, TED (radio hour & talks daily), The Three Questions with Andy Richter, Where Should we Begin with Esther Perel, I Survived, Nurture vs Nurture with Dr Wendy Mogel, In Bed with Nick and Megan.

With about a BILLION podcasts out there, I’m always looking for ones I’ve missed so drop a comment or DM to tell me what you love most and what I might be missing!

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