| Alden’s One Year Old Cake Smash Session at the SJP Studio! |

Alden might just hold the new SJP record for farthest traveled for his big session day… all the way from South Africa! And let me tell you it was a real treat as he’s just the sweetest. He had me wrapped around his little finger before the session was even over.

We knew ahead of time we’d be planning for a Captain America cake smash session and while Christmas shopping I just happened to find these perfect cookies and couldn’t resist picking up a couple for his session. They gave us the perfect not so messy treat to photograph before we let him dive into the whole cake!

And this gorgeous cake… brought to you by local favorite Bodine’s Baking Company! They’ve done some amazing cakes/cookies for my own girl’s birthdays and I always highly recommend them for our cake smash sessions.

I’m SO ready to celebrate some of your BIG little birthdays again! I’ve got an April baby myself turning 5 next week and I’d love to hear any creative ways you guys have celebrated your little’s birthdays while staying at home this year. Be sure to follow our personal IG to tune into my attempt to create a mermaid cake as requested (I’ve failed at simple chocolate chip cookies THREE times during #stayathome2020 so this should be fun).

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